The Best Wine for Drinking and Preparing Dishes


Merlot wine originated from the famous grapes planted in the popular wine making region of Bordeaux France. In modern days, the wine is produced by other vintners in Italy, USA, Australia, and Chile. The grapes usually flourish in areas with cool temperature and plenty of sunshine. Merlot based wines boasts of medium body coupled with cherry hints of berry. With the unique diversity, it is a great choice that you can drink alone reading a book or watching a movie. You do not require food to bring out the best flavors in merlot,


Some of other merlot wines such as cabernet merlot go well with foods such as charred beef, grilled chicken, and pork. Merlots have a high acid level and it can be paired with sumptuous mushroom-based dishes as well as fresh salmon and other salads. If you are a big fan of the wine, you can enjoy it with a nice plate of seafood such as lobsters, prawns, or scallops.


It is not recommended to serve merlot wine with Thai or Indian food because the acid in the wine brings out the bitterness of the spices in the dishes. In most cases merlot is blended to create what is called Cabernet merlot wine , this tends to be riper, fleshier, and powerful in terms of acidity and tannins capacity. The blend can be enjoyed with Italian foods and can be enhanced by sweet tasting sauces and juicy tomatoes . Moreover roast chicken ,mushrooms, parmesan cheese respond well to the merlot blends. When cooking with merlot wine , it is imperative that you choose the perfect wine. The wine works well in meat dishes including steaks, roasted chicken , braised ribs among others. Before serving the wine it is recommended that it should be kept in a fridge for 10-20 minutes, this brings out the rich taste and aroma from the fruits making up the wine.